A Few Tips For Wildlife Control in Oklahoma City OK

A Few Tips For Wildlife Control in Oklahoma City OK

Many wild animals share an environment with humans. In rural areas, people can expect to see a wide range of animals, from raccoons and squirrels to mountain lions and bears. In more urban environments, there are birds and rodents of all kinds. For the most part, humans and animals can live in peace, but when wild animals move indoors or start destroying private property, they become a problem that needs to be solved. The following are some tips for Wildlife Control in Oklahoma City OK.

Barriers To Entry

The best approach to a wildlife invasion is to prevent it from happening in the first place. To do this, homeowners need to make sure that their homes are secure, with no openings where an animal can enter. Screening vents are one way to create a barrier to entry. It’s also helpful to cut back trees or vines that would give animals easy access to the roof and chimney. Also, people should make sure that there is no food source, like garbage or pet food, to attract wildlife to their property.

Prevention Through Landscaping

Careful landscaping can also discourage wild animals from invading a property. Certain features like dense shrubbery, water features, and edible plants tend to attract wildlife. Other plants, however, can repel certain animals, and their fruit or leaves can serve as a natural pesticide. Home owners can also install a fence around their property. A fence that is set about three feet down into the ground can discourage burrowing animals.

Humane Removal

Once animals have moved into a home and set up house-keeping, they need to be removed before they can do major damage to the house or create health hazards for the human inhabitants. The safest method for removing wild animals is to call a professional. Amateurs put themselves at risk if they don’t have a lot of experience in dealing with wild animals. Professionals can use humane methods like one-way doors that allow animals to leave the property but prevent their return and traps that keep the animal alive and unharmed.

Professionals in wild animal removal know how to protect themselves, the customer, and the animals. Browse our website to learn more about Wildlife Control in Oklahoma City OK.