A Guide to Historic Preservation Graduate Degree Programs Careers

A Guide to Historic Preservation Graduate Degree Programs Careers

If you have a love of history and want to do more than just actively study it, then you should consider a historic preservation masters program. These graduate programs are a great choice for those who want to work at preserving the history and keeping it alive for future generations. Below, you can learn about the field of historic preservation, what you learn in a program of this type, and what sorts of careers you can pursue after you earn your degree.

What Do I Learn in a Historic Preservation Program?

As historic preservation is a field that focuses on the methods and techniques for preserving historical structures, artifacts, and other rare items.

In a master’s degree program, you usually take a range of courses that center on art history and preservation. Your coursework might include topics on preservation law and the national registry of historical places. You also study the history of historic preservation and how the field has evolved.

Additionally, you might study architecture history and theory, including past and modern building techniques. Further, you generally take studio-based courses where you learn about architectural materials and techniques for preserving historical objects.

What Careers Can I Pursue with a Historic Preservation Masters?

With a degree in historic preservation, you could pursue a career as a historian whose specialty is historic preservation. You might also be able to become an urban and regional planner, who is someone who designs city and green spaces.

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