A Molded Chocolate Logo Makes for Sweet Wedding Memories

A Molded Chocolate Logo Makes for Sweet Wedding Memories

A molded chocolate logo may seem like a small detail on your wedding day, but it is something that will cement the day into your guests’ minds. This is especially true for children who will grow old remembering what will likely be the first custom chocolate they ever see. Use a specialty chocolatier to create sweet memories of your big day.

Creating a molded chocolate logo of your wedding day can be fairly technical. Your chocolate provider can help you with the design. Many times they will have people on staff who will make these graphics for free or help modify one you have provided.

Good choices for your logo might include profiles of the bride and groom, the date of your wedding or family crests. Unfortunately, more detailed logos may have trouble transferring to chocolate. This is where your custom chocolate company can help you with design.

Determining the kind of chocolate you want for your ceremony can make a big difference. People needing kosher or parve favors should make sure their provider is suitably certified. Chocolate often meets the guidelines for kosher foods, but most big manufacturers do not separate which machines create milk chocolate from those that don’t.

You could make custom chocolate squares, full bars or hearts emblazoned with your wedding logo. You could even have special features created to add to your cake and tie all of your desserts together. While chocolate kisses are familiar and sweet, put a twist on the chocolate favors. Create lasting memories for your guests and give them something special to eat.

Chocolate wedding favors can be stored reliably for up to eight months. Chilling or freezing is not recommended. It changes the taste and consistency of the chocolate and often the color as well. Instead, find a place that stays under 74 degrees that is out of direct light and away from any heating elements. Your chocolate will stay fresh in these conditions for up to a year.

Food is a part of every big celebration, and chocolate is certainly known for frivolity and fun. It can also be classy, elegant and tastefully done. A molded chocolate logo can be presented in a way to embrace the atmosphere of your wedding, whether it’s quaint or luxurious. Work with your chocolatier to come up with a design that makes your big day that much sweeter.

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