A Plumbing Company in West Chester OH Replaces Old, Corroded Water Shut-Off Valves

A Plumbing Company in West Chester OH Replaces Old, Corroded Water Shut-Off Valves

People generally realize that the toilets in a home include an emergency water shut-off valve, but since that valve is virtually never used, they don’t give the device any thought. Over the years, it can become corroded and nonfunctional. A Plumbing Company in West Chester OH should be called to replace the valve after this happens, just in case shutting off the water to the toilet ever is necessary.


Corrosion may slowly occur due to humid conditions or if the valve ever develops a leak. Sometimes those leaks are so tiny and slow that nobody notices the problem until a remarkable amount of rust has accumulated around the valve. A was should be called to replace the device at that point, since corrosion will eventually make the knob impossible to turn.

Other Shut-Off Valves

There are other shut-off valves in the home, including the main valve that stops all water from entering. That device usually is in the basement or a utility room. It may look entirely different from those on toilets, typically being a lever instead of a knob.

Checking the Equipment

Homeowners should check all of this the equipment occasionally and make sure it’s in good working order. Each valve should be turned to see whether it still moves easily.

Never turning the knob gradually makes it more resistant to moving. That’s the case with many types of mechanical equipment. Faucet taps that are never turned, for example, may eventually become very difficult to move. The equipment was not manufactured for the purpose of always staying in one place. Every household resident old enough to learn how to turn off these valves should be shown where the devices are located and instructed what to do in case of an emergency.

Affordable Replacement Service

Even if the household has never needed to use one, those valves are crucial if something ever goes seriously wrong. A broken pipe, for instance, can cause substantial water damage if the household cannot turn off the supply. When corrosion occurs, a contractor such as there can provide affordable replacement service.