Advantages of Using a Custom Silicone Heater Instead of Other Heaters

Advantages of Using a Custom Silicone Heater Instead of Other Heaters

In the cooler months, having a reliable heater can be a literal lifesaver. Although there are many different types of heaters to choose from, a best custom silicone heater provides many benefits that the others do not.

Works With All Types of Weather

A silicone heater benefits from having durability in temperatures that other heaters cannot match. A silicone heater can typically handle temperatures as low as -76F and as high as 446F.

Fits on a Variety of Surfaces

Many heaters have to be applied to a flat surface, preferably onto a floor. It can cause significant damage or even a fire if this safety precaution is not followed. However, silicone heaters that are custom-designed benefit from Auto-CAD programs and being cut with digital equipment.

As a result, a silicone heater that has been custom designed can be placed on a much greater variety of surfaces than other types of heaters. Talking with the designer ahead of time can result in a custom heater that can heat almost any type of surface.

Better Distribution of Heat

Some heaters only provide heat that warms the surface area immediately surrounding them. But a silicone heater will provide a much more even distribution of heat to the surface. As a result, you will have to use less heaters to heat a single space when you use a silicone heater.

Chemical and Moisture Resistant

Most heaters can be instantly destroyed if they are affected by moisture or chemicals. Even a simple water spill by a child or distracted employee can be enough to ruin your investment. But custom silicone heaters can typically handle both chemical and wetness exposure.

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