Advantages to Attending Caribbean Medical Schools

Advantages to Attending Caribbean Medical Schools

Completing an MBBS abroad, particularly in the Caribbean, provides students from India with an amazing opportunity to live outside of their country in a safe, welcoming location. The top MBBS medical schools in the Caribbean are CAAM-HP or ACCM accredited and offer PG in the USA, providing graduates with the opportunity to work as a medical doctor in the USA, India, and most countries around the world.

When comparing Caribbean medical schools with MBBS programs in other areas of the world, keep the following advantages in mind. These advantages not only include academic considerations but also focus on the student life experience.

A Familiar Cultural Experience

Students from Indian have attended Caribbean medical schools for decades. Top medical schools like Spartan Health Sciences University and Avalon University cater to students from India. They provide familiar experiences that decrease culture shock and cultural differences that are so common at schools in Russia, China, and throughout eastern Europe.

The best Caribbean MBBS programs have Indian chefs providing Northern and Southern Indian food, ensuring students have foods that meet their dietary needs. Cultural events and Indian holidays are celebrated on campus. At the same time, students have the opportunity to celebrate holidays and events from around the world.

Supportive and Respected Faculty

The faculty at top Caribbean medical schools includes well-respected and well-known medical experts, researchers, and teachers. The schools offer a low student to instructor ratio, providing one-on-one support for students to not only meet expectations but to develop areas of specialization.
Students are supported throughout their academic and practical training. They have opportunities to volunteer, join clubs and events, and develop their leadership skills through projects and programs through the school.

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