Air conditioning Tigard is the Place to Call

Tigard is a small town in Washington County with typical Oregon weather – sometimes sunny, mostly cloudy. Like anywhere else, residents there appreciate having their home or business temperature be comfortable and the inside air smell clean. This requires good air conditioning and heating equipment, and good maintenance of both.

Installation, repair, replacement, and general maintenance are all a part of what we can do for you. This includes all kinds and sizes of HVAC systems – air conditioning and heating alike. It includes home and commercial systems of all sizes and we have many brands to choose from.

The size of the air conditioning needed for your home or business will depend on the size of your building. Larger buildings need more powerful central air conditioners, or they need supplemental ones in the smaller, more distant rooms. Air conditioning Tigard can provide estimates for the size and cost of such systems, if you can provide the square footage and approximate layout of the structure.

In early summer, when the air conditioner first goes on, you should feel immediate refreshment. If the air becomes musty, the air conditioner filters or air vents need cleaning. Air conditioning Tigard is a good place to call to get that cleaning done or get those filters replaced.

If the air conditioning breaks down, day or night, you will want immediate service. Air conditioning Tigard is the company to provide that service. Wherever you are in Tigard, we will do the best we can to accommodate your timing and get that A/C repaired as soon as possible. We know what it is to stifle in the heat.

This applies to the heating system too. Again, in winter when you first turn on the heating the air should remain clean. If it smells musty, call us. Heating Maintenance is just as important as air conditioning maintenance, and we can serve you with both.

We can also replace the heater with a larger size, if what you have is too small. We can clean your heating ducts and replace filters. We can have you warm again in no time. Give us a call when you need us.




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