Animal Control in Westerville, OH

It is hard at times to know when to call the Animal control Westerville OH professionals to come remove animal from your neighborhood, parking lot, or anywhere else for that matter. You need to remember that the animal control officers that serve your city are much more than just dog catchers; they do a variety of jobs, and at times their job can even be very dangerous. Below are some of the reasons that a person may need to call animal control and let them be the problem solvers that they are.

One of the most important times to call the Animal control Westerville OH professionals is if an animal bites someone or even if a pet has bitten another animal. There can be serious consequences from an animal bite, and many people think that once an animal tastes blood they will start to crave that blood, and turn mean.

If you know, or even suspect that an animal has rabies, call animal control right away. Get yourself, and your loved ones, inside and don’t come outside again until animal control has captured the infected animal. You may also need to call the Animal control Westerville OH professionals if you find a sick animal and don’t want to take it to the vet yourself.

While not a popular thing to do, it is possible to call animal control when arguments arise between neighbors over animals. It can cost quite a bit in fines if your dogs are barking and keeping the neighbors up all night, or getting into their yards, into their trash or digging up their flowers.

It’s also a good idea to call animal control if there are animals running loose in your neighborhood. Especially, animals that don’t belong to either you or your neighbors. You never know when a stray animal can be dangerous and hurt someone because it is scared.

Animal control officers have a variety of duties from picking up cats and dogs, to sometimes corralling alligators and Geese removal. Whatever you need done that involves animals, know that animal control is there to help.

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