Auto detailing returns your car to original

For most Americans cars are more than a necessity, they are a passion. People spend so much time in their cars going back and forth to work that at times they think of them as a rolling home extension. To keep the car looking at its best, regular washing and waxing are important, but if you want your car to look like it just came from the factory then auto detailing in Bellevue is thing to get.

A normal car wash offers washing and waxing which is important. A car detailing center is different, they may offer wash and wax as well but they provide in depth cleaning and detailing of both the interior and exterior, including engine washing.

Interior auto detailing in Bellevue:

It takes time to restore the interior of a car to as close to new as is humanly possible, this is where the magic of detailing comes in. The first step is often to remove the seats and then the car is vacuumed thoroughly and then the upholstery is vacuumed.

After the interior has been vacuumed, the carpets and floor mats are cleaned. To clean the carpets and in many instances, the upholstery, foam cleaners and rug shampoos are used. If the upholstery is in good condition, a spot remover is usually sufficient.

The vinyl that is in the car, the dash for example, is treated with a vinyl conditioner in order to protect it from the suns heat as well as keep its natural shine.
To clean the air conditioner vents, the detailer will use cotton swabs and the assistance of pressurized air. Any seams in the console are also cleaned this way to remove all the dust and accumulated dirt. The final step is to clean and polish all the glass.

Exterior auto detailing in Bellevue:

Exterior detailing entails cleaning the wheels of accumulated brake dust, followed by polishing and tire blackening. If there is any evidence of wax buildup around the decals and plates, it is removed. The windows are treated with a rain repellant, the engine is steam cleaned and the underside of the hood is washed.

Eco Car Cafe does more than just detailing in Bellevue, they use steam to clean the car, thereby saving a great deal of precious water, the service uses less than one gallon per wash.

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