Benefits of Using a Jazzy Boba Flavored E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes were invented in Beijing, China by a man named Hon Lik. Lik invented the device at the age of 52 after his father passed away from lung cancer. Due to his pharmacist background, he was able to invent a device that would be safer for smokers to use than cigarettes and were safe to use in a public setting. Because e-cigarettes emit a vapor rather than tar and smoke, they can be used in many public places where cigarettes may not be allowed.

Jazzy Boba Flavor

The Jazzy Boba is an alcoholic beverage served at many bars made from Boba tea. Boba tea is a sweet beverage that has flavored tea, milk, and tapioca pearls that are consumed through a straw and chewed. The pearls have a chewy, soft consistency like a gummy candy. This tea was first introduced in Taiwan in the eighties, and it quickly spread throughout Asia. It has recently become popular with people in Europe and the United States. The pearls are usually dark in color and made from sweet potato, cassava starch, and brown sugar. Sometimes they are made from caramel, starch, and chamomile to add a different flavor.

The Jazzy Boba e-cigarette flavor incorporates the flavor of the sweet drink.

Benefits of Using E-Cigarettes

There are numerous benefits to using e-cigarettes. Perhaps one of the most obvious is that you no longer have to slip away and miss out on meetings or events because you need a smoke. E-cigarettes emit a vapor rather than ash, tar, and smoke, so they can be used in almost any public setting where cigarettes are not allowed.

A benefit most users of e-cigarettes have noticed is they no longer have to spend as much money in order to obtain the same results. If you’re someone who smokes a pack a day, smoking a traditional cigarette could cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Switch to an e-cigarette, and you will spend half that amount.

Another perk of e-cigarettes is that they come in many different flavors. Tobacco cigarettes are limited to very few different flavors, but electronic cigarettes are like ordering a cocktail at your favorite bar. You can go for sweet, sour, or traditional if you prefer. You can select how much nicotine is added to your favorite cartridge so your e-cigarette is tailored specifically to you.

For men and women, e-cigarettes allow you to put on your favorite cologne or perfume and you don’t have to worry about the cigarette smoke scent overpowering it. You have the freedom to smell how you want to smell.

Last but not least, electronic cigarettes are as easy as picking up a pack of gum is. They’re convenient and come at a lower cost to you.

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