C1D1 Extraction Lab Engineering Essentials

C1D1 Extraction Lab Engineering Essentials

The correct design and implementation of a C1D1 extraction lab are more than just following a checklist. Understanding how to effectively and efficiently set up these facilities requires experienced C1D1 extraction lab engineering.

Working with a company that provides C1D1 extraction lab engineering services is the best way to get your facility up and running. As this is a mandated requirement for any type of industry where flammable gases and vapors are present, it is essential for all components of the lab to meet the required government standards for safety.

What is C1D1?

C1D1 is a government classification that indicates a specific building code requirement based on several factors, including the presence of an ignitable concentration of flammable gasses or vapors that exist during normal operations, of these same gasses or vapors frequently exist. It is also the classification required if a failure of equipment or processes might release the gasses and if this may cause a failure in electrical equipment.

This includes any processes that include hydrogen, butane, ethanol, or other similar types of hazardous materials. States follow OSHA guidelines for C1D1 extraction lab design and development.

Hiring Professionals

Hiring experienced professionals with a proven track record for C1D1 extraction lab engineering is critical for your facility. Failure to meet the required standards not only creates a safety hazard but will delay and prevent the opening or continued operation of your cannabis facility.

Look for companies with extensive experience in designing labs and cannabis facilities that meet C1D1 requirements. This eliminates the need for concern in hiring general contractors who may have no experience with these types of building code requirements.

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