CD Stud Welding – Process and Benefits

A type of stud welding referred to as capacitive discharge, or CD stud welding is an advanced technology that has actually been in use for a number of decades. Those looking for an easy, fast, reversible process can make use of this welding technology for a range of uses and applications. The equipment involved is minimally sized and functions from low-voltage (110 V North America, 220 V Europe).

Capacitive Discharge Stud Welding Process
CD welding utilizes an ignition tip that is created on the end of the CD stud to create the arc. Energy is stored from the stud welder in capacitors. When the weld is started, this stored energy travels through the ignition tip and arrives at the end of the weld stud. An arc forms as a result of the tip burning away from excessive current.

The weld end of the fastener and the local spot of the metal being welded are melted through this arcing process. Springs in the stud welding gun then push the molten surfaces together.

Benefits of CD Stud Welding: Speed and Appearance
The entire process is extremely fast – it takes only a fraction of a second – between .006 and .012 seconds in fact. This makes it an invaluable welding process. The process is also well suited to automation (other than factors involving material handling, such as moving locations, loading new studs, etc.) which enhances quality and predictability.

In addition to the fast welding times available through this process, another benefit is that the penetration into the base material is only about .0002 to .006 inches. The shallow depth involved allows welding to occur with minimal distortion to the opposite side of the workpiece. Due to the speed of this welding procedure, there is little heat used upon the weld zone, and any finishes and coatings on the reverse side of the workpiece are not damaged. It is an application free of marring when visual appearances of the material are important.

If you have a cosmetically sensitive application, consider the quick and dependable process of CD stud welding offered by an experienced stud welding manufacturer serving your area.

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