CDL Jobs In Wisconsin: Factors Affecting Entry Decisions

CDL Jobs In Wisconsin: Factors Affecting Entry Decisions

For the past several years, the American Trucking Association (ATA) has cited a dire need for truck drivers to keep the freight moving across America. In 2019, they continue to repeat this message. The demand for people to fill CDL jobs in Wisconsin is evidence for the ATA’s message. Indeed, it adds urgency to their message.

Factors Influencing Entry into Trucking

The ATA may bewail the lack of truck drivers entering their field, but the truth of the matter is, it simply does not appeal to everyone. Truck drivers are well aware of the drawbacks. Articles on the net do extol the virtues of wages rising, steady work, and increasing benefits, but for some people, this is not enough. They look at the job and see the negative aspects. These include:

  • A lonely lifestyle: You can be on the road extensively, therefore, may barely get to see your family and friends
  • Lack of respect: The concept of a truck driver is low on the totem pole of employment standings. If you say you are a truck driver, it is often dismissed as being of little import except for a certain admiration about your ability to park a large vehicle
  • Weight gain: Too often, the physical shape of truck drivers matches the stereotype – heavy to obese
  • Over-monitoring: Government regulations now require electronic monitoring of drivers. The companies now can also pinpoint exactly where you are and can keep in constant contact. This, as is usual with electronic surveillance and other related technology, is a double-edged sword

CDL Jobs in Wisconsin

If companies offering CDL jobs in Wisconsin wish to reduce the high turnover rate, they are going to have to improve the overall image and conditions of truck drivers. They also must consider who they want to attract. Addressing this is not a simple task. However, it is advisable if the growing need for truck drivers is to be met.