Check Your House for Pests: Termite Extermination Services

Check Your House for Pests: Termite Extermination Services

Most homes are made with wooden beams, which means that sooner or later, they’ll be susceptible to pests like termites. But besides wooden beams, nearly all wooden furniture, and wooden stairs are at risk of termites. The problem is that it’s very hard to tell whether your house has been infested.

Fortunately, you have a few options. The first option is to look for signs of termites yourself and check your entire house. Secondly, you can hire someone to take a look at your house for you. They’ll be more likely to find the termites, especially if they’re in a place that’s hard to find.

Checking for Signs

Before you look into termite extermination services, there are a few ways to check for termites yourself. The problem is that you’ll probably be unable to spot them in hard-to-find places, but it can still be worth checking for them.

Check for little holes in your furniture, walls, stairs, and other wooden things, like picture frames. If you see any little holes, you probably have termite damage and should hire someone to take care of it right away.

Hire an Inspector

Even if you can’t find any signs of termites, you can still hire an inspector to come out and look at the structure of your house more closely. Termite extermination services know where to look for termites and can find them even when you cannot.

Most of these companies will perform an inspection prior to executing the extermination service, just to be sure there are actual termites in your house. Once they’ve completed the inspection, they’ll schedule a time to come out and take care of your problem for you.

If you find a company that looks good, be sure they can provide a free inspection. There’s no reason to pay up front if there’s no problem. You can ask for a quote over the phone or wait until you meet them in person. For more information about termite extermination services visti us at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!