Choosing High Quality Duty Gear

Duty gear is an important part of your team’s overall look and preparedness. Your duty gear items, like handcuff cases, radio holders and holsters should have a consistent and professional look, and should stand up to heavy duty wear and tear. Here are some things to look for before choosing duty gear

  1. Choose a vendor that offers a range of colors. For some uniforms, black duty gear is the standard, while others call for brown, and still others may call for army green.
  2. Choose a vendor that specializes in supplying law enforcement. Choosing a specialized vendor offers some benefits. When the primary business of the vendor is outfitting law enforcement, you can be assured they carry high quality gear. In addition, they will be more likely to stock new items, colors and styles as these become available. When you are ready to order, a specialty vendor will also be more likely to have what you need in stock, so you won’t have to wait for your order.
  3. Choose gear that looks high end. Using a specialty vendor will help you get the best pricing, allowing you to choose great looking items and still stay in budget. Basket weave duty gear, for example, looks professional and stylish, and costs about the same as plain gear. All the same items, like holsters, belts, and flashlight holders are available in basket weave duty gear.
  4. Choose gear that’s easy to use. Officers should not have to fumble with duty gear to remove handcuffs or other items. Before switching to a new line, order samples and have a few officers test the items for ease of use.
  5. Choose a brand of gear that’s built to last. Some brands, like Safariland have a reputation for being durable. Choosing a brand with a good reputation helps ensure items will not need to be replaced as often. Even if these cost a little more upfront, you’ll save money in the long run.
  6. Talk to your vendor about quantity discounts. Your organization will order duty gear regularly throughout the year. Determine if you can save money by purchasing in certain quantities, so you can plan those purchases into your budget.

Duty gear items are some of the most important uniform elements, receiving lots of use throughout the day. Choosing the right pieces can make your uniforms look great, and can also help ensure that items perform well when needed.

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