Choosing the Best Ford Fiesta for You

All the Ford Fiesta models have something great to offer for everyone. They offer great gas mileage while still maintaining a significant amount of power. You can find a great deal on a 2016 Ford Fiesta S Hatchback 4 cyls in Oak Lawn; possibly even at a discounted price if Ford is running special offers as well as the dealership you choose.

Exterior Features

This model comes with a fuel filler that has no cap. This can help with theft of fuel, getting water into the tank, and avoiding splash back. It will automatically seal after the fuel nozzle is removed, which releases less emissions into the environment.

The side view mirrors on this model are new and improved. They match the body color of your vehicle and are power operated. They also now include a blind spot mirror that will help you see if any cars are entering your blind spot zone. This can help people avoid accidents when merging and switching lanes.

Handling Features

This model includes the hill start assist feature. This feature will keep your car stationary on a hill for two seconds after you release the brake, which gives you time to press the gas without rolling back.

It also comes with Electric Power Assisted Steering; this feature can be very beneficial. It will help to keep your car on a straight path instead of pulling to one side due to road irregularities. It can also smooth tire vibrations that may occur. This feature helps to maintain a smooth ride.

Safety Features

This model comes standard with electronic stability control feature. This feature will automatically apply your brakes if it detects that the wheels start to slip. It will also work with the ABS system to make sure your brakes work properly, even in harsh road conditions.

Overall, this model is a great choice for anyone that wants an affordable vehicle that has a lot of great features.

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