Common Processes Involved When Cleaning After A Crime In Washington Or Oregon

Common Processes Involved When Cleaning After A Crime In Washington Or Oregon

There are often details about a crime scene that needs to be removed or cleaned after the investigation is complete. A crime scene clean up Washington company will visit the location and determine what needs to be removed and what can be cleaned using safe products that are already available. Here are a few details about how the process works and what to expect before you can go back to the location where the crime occurred.

Avoiding Dangers

Before the technicians begin cleaning the crime scene, they put on the proper equipment so that they remain safe until the work is complete. Some of the pieces that are worn include goggles, gloves, a mask, and coveralls that protect the person’s clothing and shoes. These items are worn to keep blood and other fluids from spreading to other areas of the scene and to keep these products from getting on the clothing and skin of the person cleaning the area.

Removing Debris

Sometimes, there is too much fluid in one area for any cleaning to make a difference. A crime scene clean up in Washington company will usually remove the flooring or a section of the wall where the fluid has saturated the surface instead of trying to use products to scrub away the fluids. Items that are removed are properly disposed of instead of being thrown away in the trash.

Common Scenes

Not every crime scene involves a murder. The scene could be one that involves animal cruelty or one where a robbery or burglary occurred. Meth labs need to be cleaned as well as traffic accidents, especially if there is a possibility that death or crime occurred that caused the accident.