Common Products Abrasives Suppliers Sell (and Their Uses)

Common Products Abrasives Suppliers Sell (and Their Uses)

If you’re looking for industrial abrasive tools for your workpieces and have come across abrasives suppliers online, chances are you stumbled across tens of products.

Although they might look similar, each abrasive supply has its role and can give your product different detailing, polish texture, and overall finish. Some abrasives are better suited for cutting and grinding, while others are better for buffing, honing, sharpening, lapping, sanding, or drilling.

Cutoff Wheels

They’re also called parting wheels and are excellent for smooth and comfortable cutting of stone, concrete, and metal.

Cutting Disc

It’s a thin, round expandable tool and uses a synthetic resin binder. It works with angle grinders to cut thinner materials.

Sand Paper

Sand paper’s main use is to remove material from surfaces such as wood and prepare them for paint and varnish.

Mounted Points

Mounted points have various shapes and sizes and are suitable for detailing in cramped areas such as in-between machine gears.

Sand and Fiber Disc

Abrasives suppliers recommend these discs for removing defects, corrosion, paint, and rust from surfaces such as metal, wood, and plastic.

Grinding Wheels

Usually made from solid aluminum and steel, they’re designed for abrasive cutting and grinding for industrial gear.

Buffing Wheels

Polishing or buffing wheels are made of soft cotton layers and can be used to give a shiny finish to flat and curved surfaces that are prone to marring and scratching.

Polish Pads

As the name suggests, polish pads are for polishing and buffing out small scratches and dents. They can also shine surfaces.

PVA Sponges

These lint-free sponges resist mold growth, are highly absorbent, and dry quickly. They’re also chemical-resistant.

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