Consider Carpet Flooring in Houston, TX

There are many types of flooring available to homeowners and commercial building owners. Consumers can choose floorings such as ceramic or stone tile, wood flooring, vinyl or linoleum sheet goods, carpet, and finished cement floors. Each flooring type has advantages and limitations. Some types of flooring offer more comfort and others are good for high use areas or areas that may get wet. A quality floor supplier such as ATL Carpet Flooring can guide the customer to the best flooring choice. Carpet flooring in Houston, TX may be that flooring choice.

Consider Carpet

Though wood flooring is a good floor and enjoys a high rate of popularity right now, it is not the choice for everyone. Carpet flooring in Houston, TX is a good choice for many homes and areas of commercial buildings. Carpets come in both natural and manufactured fibers such as wool, cotton, silk, nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Each fiber has good and bad points. Carpets come in different styles and constructions. One can choose carpet in residential or commercial strengths and styles.

Residential carpets come in bargain-priced or very elegant, costly styles and everything in between. One can look at samples of all the patterns, styles, and colors of carpets and choose the one they like the best within their flooring budget. Carpet forms a continuous sheet of flooring when properly installed with tack strip and padding. The carpet must be cut to fit the space, seamed, and evenly stretched to form the proper flooring surface. The carpet must have the correct amount of tension to be smooth and flat, yet have enough give to be comfortable to walk on.

Carpet can come in commercial patterns that are cut pile or uncut loops close to the base. The fibers are usually synthetic and treated to be stain and soil resistant and durable. Commercial carpets can be direct glue down or stretched over a thin, dense commercial pad. They can also be sold and installed as commercial carpet tiles with a strong pad/backing attached.

Carpet Care

Carpet has a pile to add soft comfort but that pile can collect soil and must be cleaned regularly to remain viable. Carpet requires regular vacuuming and occasional shampooing to remain attractive. Carpet is more easily replaced when decorating tastes change. Carpet comes in many colors and textures to add interest and color to a home or commercial setting. Go to the website for more information.

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