Considerations With Industrial Product Design And Development

There are a lot of great ideas out there that never come to anything more than ideas. Sometimes this is due to lack of funds, but many times it is due to lack of time spend with experts on industrial product design.

Working with a company that can provide industrial product design services and then move into prototyping and production offers several advantages to startup businesses and entrepreneurs. It is also a good option for mid to large-sized enterprise companies as it outsources the design phase to those who understand the various manufacturing processes.

For companies interested in producing parts using blow molding, injection molding, or even dip molding processes, working closely with the design team of the plastic molding company has its advantages.

The KIS Principle

With any type of industrial product design, the KIS Principle, or Keep It Simple, is the reality at the heart of any new product. By streamlining the product and removing any extra or unnecessary components and features, the product becomes more functional, has less potential challenges, and is lower in cost to produce.

Simple changes like allowing for rounded corners rather than absolute right angles make it easier to form parts and to create the right molds for any type of plastic.

Appeal of the Design

While the part itself should be as simple as possible to be effective, the part also has to have an aesthetic appeal for the consumer. This could be in the texture, colors, and design elements that are added in the molding process.

Additionally, for specific types of parts such as those used in medical or military and defense applications, the final parts have to meet specific industry standards. Working with the industrial product design early in the process can accommodate for all of these issues, helping to reduce the time to market with the new product.

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