Creating a Commercial Lawn Maintenance Schedule that Works for You

Creating a commercial lawn maintenance schedule can help you determine what services you need and when you’ll need them. Not only will this help you with budgeting properly for those services, but it will also give you the best-looking grounds you can imagine. Here’s what to hire professionals to handle from spring to winter and back again, each year:


Early spring is the time of year to check for damages caused by winter’s snow and sleet. It’s also a great time to evaluate lawn care machinery and equipment if you own your own. As spring wears on, it’s time to dethatch your property and fertilize your grass and plants. Have your soil tested professionally for chemical balance if you find that seasonal growth is slow.


Summer will be your maintenance season. This is when most of your plants at in full bloom and mowing and other maintenance tasks will be most important. Keeping your lawn watered and mowed will keep it healthy and beautiful all summer long.


Fall is the season of color, but also a season of preparation for winter’s chill. As leaves fall, you’ll need to keep walkways clear of debris and keep leaves raked to prevent the buildup of decaying plant material. Weed your gardens and keep mowing your grounds until the first frost sets in. This will prevent these situations from getting out of hand and being harder to manage in the future when warmer weather returns.


Winter should bring protection with it for your more delicate plants, especially those that are in portable containers. Bring potted plants inside when possible and cover the roots of more delicate plants when temperatures and precipitation fall. It will ensure healthier, stronger plants next spring.

There’s no part of the year that commercial lawn maintenance services can’t help you create a better-looking, healthier, and more functional property. Talk to your local groundskeeping professionals today to find out what services are available and when, so you can plan the perfect lawn maintenance schedule this year.

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