Cylindrical Grinding Equipment: Description And Applications

Machine shops and various manufacturing concerns use a variety of machines to perform their tasks. When shaping objects in a machine or grinding shop, operators face a number of options. When precision is a prerequisite, a natural choice is cylindrical grinding equipment.

Cylindrical Grinders

Cylindrical grinders are pieces of equipment designed specifically to shape the exterior surface of a workpiece: the design results in the workpiece and the grinding wheel rotating at the same time at a predetermined speed. A regulating roller performs the task, naturally, of regulating or controlling the rotation of the workpiece. This facilitates the precise nature of the machinery.

Three types of cylindrical grinders are in common use. These are:

  1. Outside diameter grinders
  2. Internal diameter grinders
  3. Centerless grinders

Another means of classifying them is a plain center, universal and centerless cylindrical surface grinder.


Not every workpiece is suitable for use with this equipment. It must be capable of rotating through a central axis. This makes it best suited for cylinder, elliptical, cam or crankshaft shapes. The surfaces emerging from usage may be profiled, steps, straight or tapered. They are also precisely rendered and exhibit a high-quality surface. With such qualities, it is not surprising that cylindrical grinding is primarily a finishing operation.

Cylindrical grinders are active in a variety of industrial facilities. They find application in the automotive, engineering and electrical manufacturing concerns. They are a component of a practice required to produce various common parts including:

  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Rods
  • Tubes

Cylindrical Grinding

If a manufacturing company, fabricator or grinding shop must provide their customers with precise forms, the popular choice is cylindrical grinders. They have a reputation for producing highly accurate components with tight tolerances. The nature of the workpiece, the specifications and the required results often dictate a preference for cylindrical grinding equipment over all other grinding and machining options.

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