Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Patients in Bloomingdale Illinois

Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Patients in Bloomingdale Illinois

The pregnancy period is the most exciting yet anxious time for mothers-to-be, with many things to think about. While shopping for the unborn baby, choosing a name, and attending prenatal classes and appointments, you should not forget about your family dentist in Bloomingdale. Taking care of your oral health is equally vital for you and your unborn baby.

It’s essential to keep tabs on your dental health as you continue to monitor other changes in your body during this period. Expectant mothers are prone to specific oral health problems than other people. Notably, they are likely to get gingivitis, a less severe form of gum disease. Gingivitis in expectant mothers is characterized by swollen and reddened gums. The gums may bleed when brushing your teeth or when biting into hard foods such as apples.

Hormonal changes in the body primarily cause gingivitis in expectant mothers. During the pregnancy period, the level of progesterone can spike by tenfold, thus affecting the way your body reacts to toxins. This can lead to the accumulation of dental plaque. By visiting a family dentist in Bloomingdale, you can have your gums checked and plaque removed. The dentist will also provide valuable information on how to manage the condition.

Also, patients having morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy may suffer from enamel erosion. Pregnancy granuloma is another common dental condition for expectant mothers. It’s characterized by the development of red nodules on the gums. These nodules may be harmless, but they can be frightening, especially if you have never had them before.

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