Dentist in Chicago: Are Dental Sealants Effective in Protecting Teeth?

Protecting your teeth should be your top priority when it comes to exercise, sports, and other physical activities. That’s why dentists recommend a mouth guard to individuals engaging in sports. Unfortunately, mouth guards can’t protect your teeth from the damage caused by acids, sugars, and other substances that continually erode the teeth enamel and cause tooth decay. You can only get this protection by brushing your teeth regularly and getting dental sealants from a dentist in Chicago.

How Does Your Teeth Decay?

Tooth decay is a chronic disease affecting millions of people in the country. It’s the most prevalent chronic disease faced by Americans, and it’s followed closely by gum disease. These two conditions affect the teeth and the gum tissue, and harmful bacteria in the mouth mainly cause them.

When you consume foods rich in sugars, the bacteria in the mouth feeds on the foods forming a plaque that collect along your gum line and sticks on the surface of the teeth. The plaque then starts eroding the minerals in your teeth enamel, leading to cavities.

Preventing Tooth Decay with Sealants

The most effective way to protect your teeth from decay is by getting dental sealants from a dentist in Chicago. The thin plastic coating covers the entire tooth, thus preventing caries. Dental sealants are mostly put on the molars and premolars since they do most of the chewing and are prone to decay. A report by the American Dental Association shows that dental sealants can help reduce the risk of getting cavities by 80 percent.

If you have more regarding dental sealants, don’t hesitate to contact East Village Dental Center or visit their website to schedule an appointment.

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