Details to Discuss with a Truck Accident Attorney

Details to Discuss with a Truck Accident Attorney

In Texas, trucking accidents are often caused by a failure to follow federal regulations. Commercial drivers often fail to comply with driving restrictions and cause accidents. Exhausted driving is a common cause of trucking accidents. A local truck accident attorney in San Antonio, TX assists victims who were injured in these kinds of accidents.

Who Is at Fault?

A full investigation is conducted to determine what driver is at fault for the accident. When 18-wheelers are involved, law enforcement must assess the commercial driver and their vehicle more thoroughly. Once an at-fault driver is defined, an accident report is created that reflects the information.

Reviewing the Accident Injuries

All medical records related to the victim’s injuries are reviewed. The evidence determines how the accident injuries affect the victim’s life. For example, permanent conditions or disability lead to higher amounts of settlement if the victim wins their claim. The records show how the injuries were produced and if the victim will recover fully. The records are used to establish a connection between the accident and the victim’s injuries.

All Financial Losses Related to the Accident

All financial losses related to the accident are included in the victim’s claim. First, the victim needs all invoices from the emergency room and all doctors that provided medical care. Next, three estimates are needed to show all auto repair costs produced in the accidents. A statement from the victim’s employer presents all lost wages.

The Repercussions of Violations

The commercial truck driver and the trucking company would face penalties if federal regulations were violated. The driver’s log defines whether or not they followed regulations related to driving restrictions. The driver is in violation of the law if controlled substances or alcohol is found in their system.

In San Antonio, trucking accidents are often caused by the failures of commercial drivers. During an investigation, law enforcement defines which driver is at fault and must compensate the victims. All financial losses are calculated and added to the victim’s claim. The losses relate to medical expenses, auto repair costs, and lost wages. Victims who need assistance from a truck accident attorney in San Antonio, TX can get professional legal help from Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez right now.

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