Did a Driver’s Failure to Follow the Rules Cause a Crash? Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt

Did a Driver’s Failure to Follow the Rules Cause a Crash? Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt

Most of the country’s freight is moved by large and heavy trucks. The sheer size and weight of these trucks make a driver’s job dangerous and difficult. When an accident occurs, these factors often account for severe damage, serious injuries, and even death. While most drivers do their jobs without incident, it’s not always as easy as it seems, and a Truck Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt may need to step into the picture. Here, readers will learn some of the rules commercial truck drivers follow to keep the roads safe.

Getting Enough Sleep

A long drive on a crowded interstate is enough to make a person sleepy, which decreases reaction time in much the same way drugs and alcohol do. Safe drivers follow the rules on how much rest is required between road shifts. The FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, regulates commercial truckers’ hours in the US, including those spent at rest and behind the wheel.

Space and Distance

Safe truckers know that it takes a long time to stop such a heavy vehicle, and they also know that following other vehicles too closely puts them at risk of an accident. Space is crucial because of the size of a commercial truck’s blind spot. If the following driver can’t see the trucker in their side mirrors, the trucker can’t see them.


The size of a commercial truck, as mentioned before, creates a large blind spot. A safe, compliant driver ensures that they make turning and stopping signals in time to let other motorists know what they’re planning to do.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Truckers are regularly tested for drug and alcohol abuse. A safe driver does neither while they’re on the road because they realize that failing a test may mean the loss of their job.

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