Do I Really Need to Call an Exterminator to Deal With a Rodent Problem?

Do I Really Need to Call an Exterminator to Deal With a Rodent Problem?

You’ve just encountered a mouse in the kitchen. Your first thought is to set out a few traps and maybe buy some rat poison. The problem is that those measures may or may not be enough. Depending on what’s happening in the home, you may need the expertise of a professional exterminator for rodents. Here are some signs that dealing with the rodents is best left in the hands of someone who knows how to deal with rats and mice.

You Can Only Treat What You See

So far, you’ve only seen one mouse. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more already settling in various parts of the house. There’s a good chance you have an infestation developing. You won’t know for sure until you see droppings along baseboards, partially eaten food in the pantry, and an unpleasant odor that seems to be coming from everywhere.

An exterminator knows where to look for signs of rodent activity. That makes it easier to administer an effective solution now before more damage can take place.

There’s More Damage Happening Than You Realize

Mice and rats love to chew. The fact that you haven’t noticed any chewing does not mean nothing is happening. They could be chewing on electrical wiring, chewing on furniture stored in the attic, or ripping up the insulation right this minute.

Choosing to call an exterminator for rodents now will prevent more damage from taking place. It will also provide you with a chance to undo the damage that’s already done. In terms of keeping you and your family safe, repairing whatever is damaged is something you want to do.

Exterminators Get the Job Done Faster

Assuming that your attempts do eventually get rid of the problem, how much will all those supplies cost you? Don’t forget the investment of time and the expense of repairing more damage caused as you slowly get rid of the pests. When you think about the time and money it will take to manage the problem on your own, calling an exterminator for rodents would take less time and save quite a bit of money.

Do you think that there may be mice or rat problem in your home? Now’s the time to call the team at Viking Pest Control and find out. Whatever is happening, rest assured that we can make your home free of rats or any other type of pest.