Does Your Practice Need New Exam Tables?

There are so many things that go into setting up and running a successful medical practice. From highly trained employees that you can trust to a location that can accommodate a growing client base – these are all things that need to be taken into consideration to ensure productivity. However, it’s very important to keep those seemingly “minor” details in mind, as well. These small elements can leave a big impression on your patients, and some of them play a critical role in ensuring your staff can do their job correctly. Today we’re focusing on exam tables and their important role in any medical business.

How Quality Plays a Role
If you walk into any medical exam room – whether you’re there for a routine exam, blood testing, or an emergency room visit – and you’re greeted by a torn and tattered exam table, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? For most people, they’ll wonder about the quality of care they’ll be receiving at that facility. A common thought may be, “if they don’t even care about their exam tables, how will they care for me?” By replacing tables that may be torn, worn, or tattered – you’ll be improving the overall look and feel of the office.

Coordinating to Your Décor
Exam tables are now available in many different colors and styles, (textured vinyl is becoming a popular trend) and it’s easier than ever to coordinate these vital items to your décor. An office that looks pulled together and coordinated gives off a more positive vibe to patients and creates a welcoming and warm environment. Whether you’re redoing the entire office or you’re relocating and looking to upgrade from your previous facility – look into the many different colors and styles available to you!

Upgraded Features
Aside from just a whole new and improved look, these new tables now come with some pretty attractive features that will make things easier for your employees as well. With everything from extended widths to power controls (for adjusting height), patients of all shapes and sizes can be accommodated with ease. Look into the various options that are now available on these tables and take into consideration what you’ll be using them for on a daily basis. Once you’ve made the upgraded to new, sleek tables – you’ll wonder how your practice and your employees ever functioned without them! Don’t delay – look into making the switch today!

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