Easy-to-Follow Steps on How to Buy Bitcoin on an ATM Near Montgomery, AL

Easy-to-Follow Steps on How to Buy Bitcoin on an ATM Near Montgomery, AL

If you are like many other people, you are looking to buy Bitcoin near Montgomery, AL. One way to buy Bitcoin is to visit a Bitcoin ATM branch in the area, but you may be unsure of how to use the machine. Use these easy-to-follow steps to buy your Bitcoin using an ATM branch.

Download Your Digital Wallet

You need a digital wallet to safely store your Bitcoin, so it is important to download your wallet before using the Bitcoin ATM.

Start Your Transaction

Once you download your wallet and visit the Bitcoin ATM, you can start a transaction for buying your Bitcoin. You are also going to select the range for your transaction, such as $20 to $750.

Be Mindful of The Instructions

You are going to be shown a warning that you need to read before you continue with your transaction. Once you read the warning, you can put in your phone number and PIN.

Select Your Cryptocurrency

The machine is also going to ask you to select your cryptocurrency for this transaction, such as Bitcoin.

Scan Your Digital Wallet

It is time to scan your digital wallet QR code and select the “Request” option. Next, confirm that you are sending your Bitcoin to the correct digital wallet.

Finish Your Transaction

The final step is to insert the bills and opt to receive your receipt. You have just completed your Bitcoin transaction.

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