Easy To See Signs Your McKinney Home Needs Roof Repair

One of the most important factors in keeping the costs of any repairs to a residential roof low is to determine the problem early. In the McKinney area, homes range from bungalows to two-story homes to very elaborate and custom designer homes with detailed roof styles and multiple ridges and valleys.

Determining there is a problem with the roof is not always easy. Most homeowners do not routinely go up on the roof to look, and areas around chimneys and vents, valleys in the roof and various roof structures may be difficult to see from the ground.

Even with these types of conditions, there are often easy to spot signs of problems. By knowing these early signs, homeowners can call in roof repair companies before significant damage is done to the roof deck or even to the interior of the home.

Missing Shingles

A regular shaped spot of irregular color on the roof is often a sign of a missing shingle or more than one shingle. This type of damage can easily lead to significant leaks in the roof and into the home’s attic.

Calling in a roof repair to complete an inspection of the roof is instrumental in finding out if the issue is missing shingles.

Overall Staining on the Roof

Stains on the roof are typically caused by algae. While the color is not an issue other than an aesthetic concern, the algae holds moisture to the shingles which can cause rot of the shingle and the roof decking.

It is important to call in a roof repair company and not a pressure washing company if this is a concern. Pressure washing can void a warranty on shingles or even create more damage.

Shingles that buckle, curl, lift or twist are also a sign of a problem. The roofing company in McKinney should provide a written estimate for the repair or, if the roof is under warranty, they can help with the insurance claim and then replace the roof if necessary.

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