Enjoy A Waterproof Basement In Fairfax, VA

Enjoy A Waterproof Basement In Fairfax, VA

There are few things in a home worse than a basement that smells musty and has a high amount of humidity. The musty smell can travel from the basement into the living space and make furniture, drapes, bedding, and clothing smell foul. When a homeowner has a waterproof basement in Fairfax VA, they will not have to face these problems in their home anymore.

Water and high humidity in a basement can develop from a variety of conditions. A home that has indoor French drains might have high humidity from faulty drains. Another home could have a water problem because the external drains are not working and the hydrostatic pressure created cracks in the walls or floors. Whatever the case may be, a homeowner should contact an experienced basement waterproofing company.

Finishing A Basement

Homeowners who are interested in expanding the home’s living space by using the basement area should have the area waterproofed by an experienced professional. Painting a sealant on the wall and installing plastic or insulation is not enough to eliminate a damp basement. If the homeowner finishes the basement without correcting the water problem, insulation, furniture, wood, and carpet in the area will get moldy, and the homeowner will have a large mess on their hands.


Years ago, homeowners would put some caulking in the cracks and paint the walls with a sealer to keep the moisture out. That type of treatment does not work. Today’s waterproofing involves sealing the outside walls, changing the drainage around the home, sealing the cracks in the basement, and waterproofing crawl spaces.

Moisture in a home can rot wood, cause breathing problems, and create an unhealthy environment when bacteria and mold grow. With proper treatment by a company who can waterproof basement in Fairfax VA, a homeowner can enjoy a healthier home and better air quality.

If your home or business smells or feels damp, a thorough inspection by a waterproofing expert can determine the cause of the problem. Even if a home or business is on a crawl space, that area should be waterproofed like a basement. Dangerous volatile organic compounds can seep into the living area and create an unhealthy environment. Contact us to learn more about solutions for your home.