Examples of Activities for Children of Various Ages at Gymnastics Pre-School Programs in Fairfield CT

Even very young children are able to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics at Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT emphasizing physical activity. Parents may like the idea of enrolling their toddlers and children of pre-K age in these programs so the kids improve their coordination and motor skills while having fun with other youngsters. With too many children living sedentary lifestyles, this type of opportunity is valuable.

Examples of Activities

Toddlers can practice crawling through tunnels and learn how to do a forward roll, commonly called a somersault. Children roughly in the age of 3 to 3-1/2 years old can practice jumping from a squat position, known as a frog jump. They also learn to gallop and balance on one foot. The children who are a little older master skills like walking on a balance beam, moving sideways while holding onto a parallel bar, and doing a backward somersault. These are just a few of a multitude of possible skills for the children to learn and gain experience in.

Kids can begin to practice higher-level moves, with supervision by the school’s staff members, as they master the basics. Doing a back handstand against a wall is an example. Young children can learn how to do cartwheels and begin safely using a trampoline.

Age Ranges

Age ranges for divisions of Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT are usually not firmly set because children vary so much in their levels of coordination, strength and motor skills. Some older kids enter a program without much experience in basic gymnastic skills, while some of the younger ones have learned skills from parents or older siblings.

In the Future

Most children in programs offered by centers such as Next Dimension Gymnastics never become very passionate about this particular sport. What they do remember about pre-school they think back on fondly, and their parents appreciate the positive experiences the children had. Some youngsters do go on to compete at the high level and do not pursue it further. A very small number love the activity from the first time they begin and they focus on excelling in gymnastics. Visit website to learn about this particular school.

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