Examples Of Strategies Used By Drug Attorneys in Cochise County, AZ

Many people try methamphetamine for the first time just for fun, or to help them stay awake all night to study or get some other work done. They never suspect how compelling the substance can be, making them want to use it frequently. Even when someone is not involved in selling this illegal drug, being caught with the substance by law enforcement officers results in serious drug possession charges and the potential for harsh penalties. Drug attorneys in Cochise County, AZ help clients who have been charged with methamphetamine possession.

The state of Arizona takes charges involving methamphetamine very seriously. The drug is associated with a great deal of criminal behavior. It’s typically manufactured by individuals who deal it themselves or provide it to dealers. Those people sell it to individual users. The drug is also associated with health problems, and usage can even be fatal.

Drug attorneys in Cochise County, AZ decide on the best strategies depending on the situation. In some instances, a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney is the best option. This might be the case if the person was caught actually consuming meth and if he or she had enough extra for several more uses.

In other situations, the lawyer realizes that the evidence against the defendant is so slim that a jury would be inclined to issue a not guilty verdict. For example, a police officer may have discovered a very small amount of the illegal drug in the person’s vehicle, but there may be no other evidence connecting this drug to the vehicle’s owner. This could be presented as circumstantial evidence. The case would be further supported if the defendant has a clean legal record and is characterized by stability in the community.

Adele Drumlevitch, Attorney at Law, LLC, can help some first-time drug offenders receive a sentence of deferred prosecution. The amount of meth they possessed must be small. Deferred prosecution is a probation program, and if the individual completes the program successfully, the charges are dropped. In the meantime, this person retains freedom but must follow any guidelines set forth by the court. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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