Experience the Beauty & Joy of Nearby Lake Geneva Banquet Halls for Evnets

Experience the Beauty & Joy of Nearby Lake Geneva Banquet Halls for Evnets

There are a number of good event venues that are located in larger cities. Many inhabitants of the southern portion of Lake Geneva in Fontana, WI, are unaware that there is an excellent event venue right in this scenic region. Experience the beauty and joy of nearby Lake Geneva banquet halls for an upcoming special event.

Plan Your Next Special Event for Work, Family Gatherings or Holiday Celebrations

This stunning scenic area in Wisconsin boasts great views of the nearby lake and lots of green and lush landscapes throughout the county. There is an affordable and truly exquisite event venue situated on a popular golf course that also boasts tennis courts and gorgeous Lake Geneva banquet halls ideal for many special occasions of all sorts and sizes. Select your event date, and speak with the experienced and knowledgeable staff to plan your envisioned event.

An Event Locale That Is Not Just for Weddings

Some event halls and other space venues are designed especially for wedding celebrations. There are many other special events that also require an indoor dining space and added amenities. These include marriage anniversaries, special milestone family birthdays and holiday parties for work, charity organizations, volunteer groups, business-related lunch and learn events and more. This is one fantastic event locale that is not just for weddings only.

Enjoy Chef-Prepared Meals, Luncheon Casual Menu Fare & Private Clubhouse Dining

There are so many delightful food/beverage choices here. Call Abbey Springs Golf Course by phone or visit https://www.abbeysprings.org.

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