Explore the Sometimes Weird and Whacky World of Genetic Testing

Explore the Sometimes Weird and Whacky World of Genetic Testing

The best genetic testing not only provides your origins but also explores the unexpected and unusual; for example, have you ever been curious about whether or not you have Neanderthal DNA? Or, if you are susceptible to “helicopter parenting“? The things that genetic testing can reveal may surprise you.

Sometimes the results are merely amusing, but sometimes, they can also help you to improve your life. For example, your genetic test results can be used to suggest the best diet for your body type. It can also alert you to potential health problems.

Our personalities and lifestyle are the results of “nature and nurture”. That means, who we are is the combination of our genetic propensities and our upbringing.

Remember, genetics is just a portion of who you are. The environment can be equally important; things like nutrition, your lifestyle choices, and your upbringing can influence how your genes ultimately express. For example, if you were malnourished as a child, that could trigger certain adverse genes to become active. On the other hand, good nutrition as a child can suppress adverse genes.

The best genetic testing companies will provide you will many reports, and keep you updated as new information is uncovered. Once you sign up, you will periodically receive reports about where your genes came from, and how they express.

The science of genetics is constantly advancing, and your genes play an important part in advancing this fascinating science.

Genomelink can supply you with hundreds of fascinating genetic reports, tailored just for you.

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