Facts About Rigging in Austin

Facts About Rigging in Austin

When machines are being assembled or disassembled on construction sites, it is an OSHA requirement that a rigger is present to help and oversee the job. They must also be present if there are construction workers present in the fall zone and when it comes to guiding loads or hooking and unhooking them. As necessary as riggers are, most people do not know a whole lot about them. Here are some facts about Rigging in Austin which may not be well known.

They Are Crucial

It is absolutely crucial that a rigger be present at most construction sites. That being said, not every rigger has the skills to perform every rigging job. Within the spectrum of rigging, there are many kinds of qualifications, and no one rigger will possess all of them. To perform any job related to rigging, they will need to present their qualifications to the foreman. This is not only for the safety of the other crew but for the safety of the rigger as well.

Not Certified

Nowhere in OSHA guidelines does it state that the employer has to use a rigger who is certified. Technically, the rigger only has to be qualified. The employer needs to take into account the size and scope of the load along with the verifiable experience of the rigger who is wanting to do the job.

Good To Have License

While it is not a legal requirement to be certified in any form of Rigging in Austin, it still very much helps to have as many training certificates as the rigger can manage. This shows the employer the rigger is very serious about the work and provides proof that the rigger knows how to do the job for which they are signing up. There are also insurance companies that may not want to cover sites using riggers who are not certified.

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