Female Recording Artists Helped Shape the Sound of Jazz

Female Recording Artists Helped Shape the Sound of Jazz

The songwriting business provided very few chances for women singers in the early 20th century. Despite the discrimination and experiences of jazz bandleaders they were not very accepting of female talent. Even though audiences anticipated in seeing a woman performer, women were seldom allowed to help in other abilities, either on the platform or writing arrangements and compositions. However, a few women managed to overcome the obstacles, and leave an ever-lasting mark on getting songs published that became successful hits for jazz. Female recording artists such as Irene Higginbotham, Ann Ronell, Dorothy Fields, and Billie Holiday helped shape the sound of jazz with their songs.

Female Jazz Singers that Captivated Audiences

In the history of music there are a few female recording artists that have not been able to be duplicated. The melodies and tones captivated audiences which had them coming back for other performances. With unparalleled vocals there are several classic female jazz singers that are known to be the top jazz artists, even years after they have passed. Two of those classic jazz artists are Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. However, these days female recording artists such as Norah Jones, Diana Krall, and Sarah Vaughan keeps jazz thriving with the versatile music that reaches today’s listening audiences.

Another Jazz Woman to Listen, Watch and Admire

Jazzmeia Horn brings a carefully, fresh and sincere honed voice to the forefront. She began singing in a church. Her singing background was initially tinged with blues, rhythm and gospel. Though she craved for more freedom of expression and had a yearning to challenge her artistry. That is when she discovered Sarah Vaughan and jazz. Horn is a singing artist who is unique in both presentations of style and creativity. With many talented female recording artists, some of the best female singers have possessed voices as well as qualities that are truly unique which gives them the ability to hold their own in the jazz industry. Most accomplished and influential jazz female artists have been within the jazz realm for many years.