Finding a Different Auto Insurance Company in Rancho Cucamonga CA After a Premium Hike

People who have had some bad luck in the past with needing to make claims on their car insurance feel dismayed when their premiums are raised. They wonder why companies are allowed to do this after policyholders have paid those premiums for years. When shopping for new policies, they’ll want to consult an independent agent with an Insurance Company in Rancho Cucamonga CA so they can try to avoid this problem in the future.

California Car Insurance

California has a reputation for the highest premium increases after car accident claims, especially if the claim was for more than $2,000 for bodily injury. The bill that arrives with the policy renewal notice will be a shock to the person who had been paying faithfully for years. It can feel like a betrayal, leading this individual to start shopping for a different option with an independent Insurance Company in Rancho Cucamonga CA.

Types of Claims

Unfortunately, it will probably be difficult to find significantly lower rates after a driver has caused a vehicle collision with substantial costs. Property damage claims are usually not considered as harshly by underwriters, but bodily injury claims can be very expensive due to the high costs of hospitalization, surgery and related factors. The driver will be viewed as a risk for several years to come.

California State Regulations

This happens in California because the state laws there do not allow underwriters to consider the aspects insurers normally do when setting premium rates. For instance, they are not allowed to consider age, marital status, credit history or where the car is kept overnight. However, they are allowed to consider a factor that usually relates directly to age: the number of years of driving experience. They also can charge higher rates if the driver’s safety record is blemished.

Making Comparisons

A agent with an organization like Barranca Insurance Services Inc. researchers different companies to find out which ones are less likely to raise rates after a driver causes a collision. Another point to consider is the average percentage the rates are raised after a claim, since that may vary considerably among companies. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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