Finding the Right Used Car Dealership in South Carolina

Is your car on its last legs? Maybe you are afraid to drive more than a few miles or you have to pray each time you turn the key on. It’s probably time to upgrade and a late model used vehicle may be the perfect solution. But how can you find the best used car dealership in South Carolina? Here are some suggestions.

Before You Go Shopping

Before you leave the house, sit down and go over your financial situation. Here is what you need to do:

  • Determine the value of your car – if you plan to trade in your used vehicle, go to the KBB website to get a good idea of its trade in value.
  • Down payment – can you put money down on your car purchase in addition to your trade in? This will help a great deal.
  • What will your monthly payments be? Estimate your car payments by using the amount you plan to finance and the annual interest rate. Here is an example. If you borrow $10,000 at five percent interest for five years, this will give you a $190 monthly payment.

Time to Go Shopping

The first step in shopping can be the Internet. Go to the website of a trusted car dealership in South Carolina. If you find something of interest, contact the dealer for an online quote. The process is very simple and some dealers may have special prices for online shoppers.


Cost is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a quality used car. However, some dealers may ask high prices and then you have to go through all the trouble of haggling for a better price. This is not necessary when you visit used car dealerships in South Carolina offering no haggle prices. You can be sure your price is considerably more below the Blue Book value.

History Report

You should not buy a used vehicle unless you know its history. Choose dealerships offering services like CARFAX. This lets you know if the car was previously totaled, received flood damage or had other problems in the past.

Take the Time for a Proper Test Drive

When you test drive, make sure you drive long enough to get a good feel for the car. Check out the driver comfort features like leg room, steering and accessibility issues. A good dealer is proud of its vehicles and the people are there to serve your needs.

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