Fire Pump Testing for Various Types of Fire Pumps

Fire equipment companies that are highly knowledgeable in the fire safety issues faced by businesses, must also understand the issues pertaining to fire pumps and fire pump testing. Fire pump inspection and testing is essential to ensure that you have the level of water supply you need if a fire emergency is threatening human life and your property.

Why a Fire Pump is Essential

Whenever a fire occurs, you may rely on the local water system to supply you with the proper amount of water pressure in order to sufficiently power your sprinkler system. However, if this water pressure is not available, it is necessary to have fire pump installed to make up the difference. Pressure losses can occur when high elevations are involved, which is something that is obviously evident in high-rise buildings. In order to obtain large volumes of water for certain types of buildings is necessary to have a greater water pressure level. Pumps are required when the water sources emanating from a tank at ground level. Fire pump testing services are employed to ensure the proper functioning of a particular fire pump system.

Operation of a Fire Pump

A diesel engine, electric motor, or even steam turbine can produce the power necessary to operate a water pump. Depending on the building code, it may be necessary to use a specific power source to operate the pump. The electrical pump in this case may be connected to a transfer switch so that an emergency generator is available for power.

Types of Fire Pumps Used

When fire sprinkler system pressure drops below a specific level, pumps are supposed to engage to make up the difference. When sprinklers detect heat at certain temperatures and release water, this pressure drop can occur. Pressure drop can also take place when other connections are opened in firefighting activities. It is important that the professionals conducting pump testing services examined these and other potential issues related to the proper and efficient operation of the fire pump system.

Horizontal and vertical split case, jockey pumps, vertical turbine, and vertical in-line pumps, are available for use with fire protection systems

It is vital that the fire equipment company you use to conduct your fire pump testing adheres to the necessary regulations and standards relevant to the state of Illinois. These standards will include the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Standard for the Installation of Stationary Fire Pumps for Fire Protection.

To find out more about the various fire protection options you have available for your business, contact a reliable fire protection company serving your area today.

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