Four Requirements for Those Who Hope to Obtain a CDL in Illinois

There is more demand for truck drivers than ever before, and that has many Illinois residents looking to get started in the industry. Everyone who hopes to drive a truck of a certain size must possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) that reflects their qualifications. Obtaining a CDL in Illinois is a straightforward process, and those who attend institutions like the Star Truck Driving School will always be well prepared to pass the associated test.

Several Requirements That Must be Met to a CDL

All 50 states have their own distinct standards about the CDL, but most of these are roughly similar to one another. As with every other state, residents of Illinois who wish to take the CDL test must first demonstrate that they comply with a number of different requirements. In every case, someone who wishes to obtain a CDL in Illinois will need to be:

  • Of legal age.
  • Only those eighteen years and older are allowed to try to obtain a CDL in the state of Illinois. Drivers must also be twenty-one years of age or older to take on commercial work that will have them crossing state borders.
  • In possession of a standard driver’s license.
  • The first concrete step toward obtaining a CDL, in every case, is to first acquire a regular driver’s license. Only those who have already passed the tests required of all hopeful drivers will be allowed to sign up for the CDL examination.
  • Healthy.
  • Unlike others on the roads, commercial drivers must submit to and pass regular medical examinations. Before the CDL test can be taken for the first time, an applicant must be examined by a doctor and deemed physically healthy and fit in a variety of established ways.
  • Knowledgeable.
  • While the practical, skills-based CDL test is the final hurdle that must be cleared, applicants must already have passed an extensive written exam, as well. In many cases, this will be scheduled in the course of attendance at a commercial driving school.

The First Move Toward a Rewarding Career

With requirements like these satisfied, many residents of Illinois will find themselves prepared to take the road-based CDL examination. That can easily prove to be an important step toward a truly secure and satisfying career.

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