Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Waste Removal Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Waste Removal Service

In Texas, business owners need waste management services to eliminate risks found on and around their property. These requirements eliminate liabilities and enable them to maintain a safe work environment. The following are frequently asked questions about Commercial Waste Removal Service.

What Rental Services are Available for Businesses?

All commercial business owners have access to a variety of dumpster and receptacles. They schedule their regular waste management services through an annual contract. They submit a deposit based on the type of container they choose. They submit monthly payments for these services.

Are Rental Options Available for Special Projects?

Yes, the waste management services provide containers for special projects. They offer large dumpsters for these requirements. They range from ten to forty yards and present a fee based on the size of the dumpster and the length of time it is needed. The business owner secures these dumpsters according to what they need to place in the dumpster.

What is Class I Waste Materials?

Class I waste materials are not hazardous materials that lead to serious health risks. They include sludge, asbestos, and biosolids that have accumulated on the property. The company must use professional waste management services to eliminate these products to remain compliant with state and federal regulations.

What is Needed to Manage Hazardous Waste Products?

Hazardous waste materials are classified as materials that can lead to further risks. They include flammable products, explosives, and prescription medications. The business owner must secure a special type of container to dispose of these products. They cannot use a standard dumpster, as they increase risks. The waste management company must obtain a special license to handle these products.

What Recycling Services are Offered to Businesses?

Recycling services are offered to businesses. These services apply to renewable resources that are used to create new products. They include but are not limited to paper goods, scrap metals, and oils. The waste management company provides these services after they pick up the waste products found in the dumpster.

In Texas, companies utilize waste management services to remove hazards from their property. They rent dumpsters for special projects and regular waste removal. Companies that need Commercial Waste Removal Service can visit or their Google+ page today.