Frequently Asked Questions About Laws Pertaining To Automotive Window Tinting In Dayton, Ohio

In Ohio, window tinting provides amazing benefits and style for any vehicle. However, certain rules and laws apply to these installations. Any owner who violates these laws could face criminal penalties. The following are frequently asked questions about laws that pertain to Automotive Window Tinting in Dayton Ohio.

What is a Medical Necessity Exemption for Tinting?

It is an exemption that allows the auto owner to acquire tinting that is beneficial for a specific medical condition. This exemption allows them to acquire the tinting at a darker percentage. The most common conditions that are included in this exemption are lupus, sunlight allergies, melanoma, and photosensitivity. These individuals need documentation to acquire the tinting and to present to law enforcement if they are stopped. Typically, a prescription is provided with an expiration date.

What is the Law Pertaining to Window Tinting?

The current limitations for window tinting begin with darkness levels. The percentage applied defines the darkness level. A lower percentage consists of darker tinting. The laws state that the windshield percentage is seventy percent. The front side windows cannot be lower than fifty percent. There aren’t any restrictions for the back windows or windshield.

Are There Any Restrictions for Mirrored Tinting?

Yes, the mirrored tinting cannot be more reflective than normal window glass. The technicians must evaluate the tinting to measure its reflectiveness.

Are There Additional Laws that Pertain to Tinting?

Currently, there aren’t any restrictions that apply to colors or side mirrors. However, the technician must provide certified window tinting only. They must also affix a sticker to the tinting specifying that the tinting is legal according to Ohio state laws. Additionally, the tinting can be applied to the top five inches of the windshield only. These restrictions apply to all makes and models.

In Ohio, window tinting laws must be followed each time new tinting is installed. It is important for auto owners to stay up-to-date about changes in these laws to maintain compliance. By remaining compliant with the laws, they avoid unwanted penalties. Auto owners who want to acquire automotive window tinting in Dayton Ohio contact Solar Tint and schedule an appointment now.