Have a Wage Garnishment? Contact Bankruptcy Attorneys in St. Louis, MO Right Away

Wage garnishment is a last resort for most creditors because it is expensive and time-consuming to go to court to get a judgment against someone who owes them money. In most cases, garnishment can be avoided by simply paying attention to notices from creditors and making an effort to resolve the debt. However, when a person simply doesn’t have the money to pay the bill and the debt results in a garnishment, there are some options for people in this unfortunate situation.

When a creditor gets a judgment against someone who owes them money, they can have the money taken directly from the debtor’s wages. Employers are required by law to deduct this money before the employee receives it and deposit the funds with the court. By allowing this to happen, a person lets their employer know they haven’t managed their finances well. Employers may not be happy they have to do this for their employee. A person can’t be fired for a single garnishment but, if they have two or more, employers have more rights to terminate employees.

In addition to putting a person’s job at risk, having a wage garnishment can make it more difficult to take care of ongoing expenses. Depending on the amount of the debt and the debtor’s salary, it could take quite a while to pay it off. Anyone who cannot pay their bills while they are subject to a wage garnishment should contact Bankruptcy Attorneys in St. Louis MO right away.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in St. Louis MO may explain a debtor’s rights and advise them of the best way to handle their garnishment and other debts. The chances are, if a person has one wage garnishment, there are other creditors ready to file lawsuits as well. By filing for bankruptcy protection, a person can restore their paycheck and either discharge all of the debts or set up an affordable payment plan that allows the person to maintain their home while paying off their creditors. Anyone struggling with this situation can visit Stlbankruptcyfirm.com to learn about their options and get informed about the bankruptcy process before they lose their home or car due to a garnishment.

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