Gazebo Canopies: When Romance Is In The Air

Gazebo Canopies: When Romance Is In The Air

If you are planning a romantic event, you might think of putting up a gazebo. It has connotations of romance and mystery. It invites people inside. It protects from the rain and the sun. In many ways, it is a perfect sun shade and romantic bower. In the past, the wealthy and the eccentric had gazebos. Towns and cities as well would go to great expense to build up one for concerts and other special events. Today, we have gazebo canopies, and anyone can erect one for a particular event.

What Is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is defined as a pavilion or structure that stands on its own. This freestanding, roofed structure is popular in parks and gardens. They are often remarked upon for their shape – octagonal. It tends to have open sides and railings. If the site is permanent in character, it may have its interior sealed off. It may also have a portion of the interior closed off to an inner chamber for storage purposes.

When placed in a back yard, they are often considered both decorative and as sun shelters. They provide shade and when the sides consist of netting or some solid material, can be protective against insect incursion. Garden variety gazebos contain the basics: table, chairs, and a BBQ.

What Are Gazebo Canopies?

Gazebo Canopies are the modern version of the older structures. They are free standing structures constructed of various materials but usually featuring a canvas or similar durable material as their covering or top. While some may be considered as semi-permanent, many are there for a season or used only for special events. As such, they are perfect when romance is in the air, and you hold a wedding in your backyard.

Gazebo canopies come in different sizes. They are the portable or, at least temporary version of the original concept. This makes them easier and less expensive to install. They may require a concrete or wooden deck or patio for placement as placing it on the ground may not supply the stability needed to ensure it remains in place. All these characteristics make them highly desirable for various outdoor events, including weddings and anniversaries.

The supports of gazebo canopies clearly define the area for a wedding or other romantic fete. This makes them the focal point for the final vows, cutting the wedding cake or any other comparable and romantic occurrence. When the event is over, you can turn the gazebo into your personal garden gazebo. It will still make a statement, and it can remain romantic. Your guests may return home and with romance firmly at the top of their mind purchase their own gazebo canopies where they can lie or sit under the coverings of these garden gazebos, listen to the rain fall while dreaming of romantic events yet to come.

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