Getting Fast Help in Port Orange for Your Urgent Dental Needs

Getting Fast Help in Port Orange for Your Urgent Dental Needs

If you already had a primary dentist, it would be relatively easy to schedule checkups and other routine dental procedures when you need it, even though that does not guarantee emergency dental care clinic in Port Orange, and surrounding locations will be availed to you quickly when you need it. Emergency rooms typically do not have dentists on call. When you are in serious pain, the need to be seen as soon as possible by a specialist is imperative.

Thankfully, there are emergency dental surgical options in the nearby area, with one practice standing out from the rest. Comprising of two dental surgeons serving three offices in the central Florida area, you can call ahead or walk-in for your urgent dental needs, and expect a pleasant and quick check-in procedure.

These surgeons specialize in a wide variety of dental surgical procedures, have years of experience, and offer up-front cost information as well as alternative payment options. Whether your emergency needs are a simple tooth extraction, a root canal procedure, or more complicated work to repair facial trauma or other issues, the surgeons are here for you, and ready to help in any way they can.

If you find yourself in need of an emergency dental care clinic in Port Orange or the surrounding area and would like to be seen by a surgeon, or you have questions before being seen, please contact Cardinal Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates online at their website,, or by phone at 386-756-2580.

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