Helpful Information About Dental Implants in Salem OR

Missing natural teeth is a problem for numerous individuals. This dental problem can entail the loss of a few teeth in either or both dental arches. It can also mean the loss of all teeth in a person’s mouth. When this problem exists, a person can have difficulty eating and speaking. To correct this dental defect, it’s a good idea to learn about Dental Implants in Salem OR. The following information will give helpful insight into these surgical devices.

Many people think of a dental implant as a single unit. In fact, this surgical device is three independent units secured together. Each unit has its own unique qualities and function. The dental implant is a tiny rod inserted into the space where a tooth root once was. This tooth root replacement is often made of titanium or other material suitable for being in a patient’s mouth. A dental implant is connected to an abutment. This is a connector that secures a dental implant to a restorative device above the gumline. Examples of this device include an overlying crown, bridge, or denture.

The process for installing Dental Implants in Salem OR can take anywhere from two to eight months. However, some procedures can require more or less time. When a dental implant is inserted into a person’s jawbone or other area deemed appropriate by a dentist, it’s hoped that the implant will fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. This is referred to as osseointegration. Sometimes, surrounding bone tissue will fail to accept a dental implant like it is natural bone tissue. This can result in a dental implant loosening or even falling out.

To ensure that a person is a suitable candidate for a dental implant, a dentist will perform a thorough inspection of a dental patient’s mouth. X-rays and other clinical tests are done to get a view of the internal parts of a person’s mouth. Some do perform bone density tests. This helps ensure that a patient has enough bone tissue to support an overlying restorative device. By getting a better understanding of a dental implant, a patient can make a sound decision on whether this treatment is right for her. Please click here for more info on this dental procedure.

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