Helpful Tips For Setting Up Your Pipe And Drape Set

Helpful Tips For Setting Up Your Pipe And Drape Set

Purchasing a pipe and drape system from a top manufacturer and supplier of wedding items is always the best idea. These companies work with wedding planners and couples on a daily basis, and they have years of experience in choosing the best quality items to add to their inventory.

If you have purchased a pipe and drape system to create a backdrop for your wedding photos, head table, or other areas of the wedding or reception venue, it should be easy to assemble and add the drapes.

When you are having difficulty with the setup or creating the look you want with the pipe and drape system, there are a few troubleshooting tips that will resolve most issues.

Not Assembling Correctly

Most of these systems have a slip-lock collar system with pins that hold the pipe at the desired level. If the pins are not catching or not present, it is very likely that the holes are not in the right place. Ensure the pipe is in the right position by rotating slightly, and the pins will pop out and be in place.

Base Screws Missing

To save the cost of shipping, the base and uprights are not connected. Usually, the screws to complete this process are packed into the hollow center of the upright pipe.

Hanging Second Drape

If your pipe and drape system comes with the option to hang a valance or place another crossbar. These are typically slots that are facing forward and allow you to slide valance hangers in place to attack the second crossbar.

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