Helping Your Child Through A Personal Life Coach In Boulder

Helping Your Child Through A Personal Life Coach In Boulder

The early years of adolescence through early adulthood can be very challenging for children, teens and young adults. Often kids at this age in Boulder have difficulties with responding to parents, dealing with depression or anxiety, issues of low self-esteem, or struggling with alcohol, drug or other types of addictive behaviors.

Many kids at this age are also very resistant to therapy, but they may be very willing to work with a Personal Life Coach. These professionals do not work as therapists or counselors, although many may have training and certification in these professions.

The Difference

The difference between a Personal Life Coach and the therapist is that the coach works with the older child, teen or young adult in more direct and immediate way. They address issues with interpersonal relationships, social skills, goal setting, personal accountability and communication in a very hands-on fashion.

Additionally, in the coach often works with their clients in role plays and experiential types of activities, bringing the coaching process from a theoretical and therapeutic role to actions and deeply personal understanding that is unique to each client.

The Mentor’s Role

The mentor or Personal Life Coach is assigned to the teen or young adult based on a match of interests, background training and other factors. By effectively matching the teen with the coach there is a trust and rapport that is very quick to develop, allowing the teen to feel comfortable in discussing challenges, problems and issues in a very meaningful way with a trained, qualified adult.

Often these teens and young adults may not have this type of relationship with a parent or other significant adult in their life. In these cases, part of the goal of therapeutic coaching may be to reestablish the relationship with the parents and to work on building a network of support for the client.

The mentor or life coach goes beyond just someone to talk to. He or she will assist the child or young adult in all types of practical skills including creating a resume, learning activities of daily life, staying in a sober lifestyle and even in attending a 12 Step meeting or other types of recovery programs.

The entire process of life coaching and therapeutic mentoring in Boulder is to provide the support and encouragement a tween, teen or young adult needs. The coach or mentor will also help to develop the talents and skills of the client, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.