Here’s Whether You Should Get Veneers or Crowns To Improve Your Smile

Here’s Whether You Should Get Veneers or Crowns To Improve Your Smile

Patients often come to a cosmetic dentist in Northridge, CA, because they do not like their natural smile. If you’re interested in changing the appearance of your overall smile, seeing a cosmetic dentist is the first step to getting that smile you have always wanted for yourself.

Some patients who want to improve their smile want to get either veneers or crowns. While both procedures can do a lot to improve a person’s appearance, there are a lot of differences between the two cosmetic dentistry methods. Knowing which procedure will best meet your needs will ensure that you get the results you want.


Veneers are pieces of porcelain or other materials that can be placed in front of your natural tooth. A veneer can fix certain issues such as discoloration or chipped teeth. They can also fix gaps between your teeth.


Crowns can also improve the appearance of your smile. But the process for installing a crown is a bit more involved than it is for putting a veneer on your tooth. That’s because a crown completely covers the visible part of the tooth that’s being fixed. A cosmetic dentist in Northridge, CA, can use a dental crown to block potential infections that could come in from the tooth’s surface and cover up visible damage some as cracks and chips in the treated tooth.

Your cosmetic dentist will help you choose which option is best for you and your smile. Whether the two of you decide on veneers or crowns, you will come out of the process with a gorgeous smile you will want to show off.

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